Career Services for MIDS Students

The datascience@berkeley career services team is your partner in achieving your professional goals. Whether you are looking to grow in your current position or make a pivot to a new role, the career services team is available to provide resources and help you navigate your career journey.

“I enrolled in the MIDS program with the hope of making a major career change and, with the help of the program and its career services, I was able to achieve my career goals, get my dream job, and more than double my salary. THANK YOU!”

—Kelsey Clubb

Personalized Career Planning

While the MIDS curriculum is designed to train data science leaders, the career services team helps you apply what you have learned and maximize the value of your degree outside of the classroom. We provide one-on-one coaching to help you tailor your strategy at every step, including:

  • Forming career plans that help you reach your goals,
  • Researching organizations that fit your vision,
  • Developing plans to advance in your role at your current organization,
  • Networking in your chosen field,
  • Preparing for interviews,
  • Conducting interview postmortems, and
  • Navigating the offer stage and negotiation process.

Transformational Learning Opportunities

Throughout your time in the MIDS program, you will have opportunities to assess and develop your leadership skills, including interactive leadership sessions during your on-campus immersion and webinars to help you refine your career development strategy. There will also be numerous chances to network with the broader data science community through both in-person and virtual conversations with data science leaders.

"Visiting Uber was an amazing experience. After a 40-minute presentation, we spent over an hour asking questions to Kevin Novak (leader of the data science division) on everything from data science at Uber, to data science at small startups, to the evolving place of data science in the world. It was invaluable to get an inside perspective on data science in the tech world. I left inspired, and with a better idea of the kinds of problems I might like to solve."

—Chris Llop

Career Connections

As a MIDS student, you are joining a community of faculty, students, and alumni united by the drive to improve how we use and share information with the world. The MIDS program offers both in-person and online opportunities for you to explore possible career paths within this diverse industry and connect with industry leaders and employers. The I School job portal and customized resume books are just a few of the tools used to directly connect you with engaging career opportunities. Learn more about how MIDS graduates have used these career connections to reach their career goals

If you would like more information about our career services, please email Career Services.

If you are an employer or recruiter interested in hiring UC Berkeley data science students, learn more on our For Employers page.