Student Profiles

The Master of Information and Data Science program is attracting data science professionals from across the country. Get to know just some of the outstanding students earning their degrees online at the UC Berkeley School of Information.

Ramya Balasubramaniam

  • Control and Automation Engineer
  • B.S. in electronics and communication engineering
  • Passionate about using data to solve real-world socio-economic challenges
"The most important difference between dreamers and achievers is the ability to make right choices. So, it’s important for the aspiring information professionals/data scientists to choose the right path that would allow them to achieve their goals faster and in a more meaningful way. There is no dearth of data available to us."

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Alyssa Eisenberg

  • Consultant at Oliver Wyman
  • B.S. in mathematics and economics from Dartmouth
  • Focused on using data to provide more impactful insights and solutions to clients
"My best advice is the age-old adage, 'practice makes perfect.' Really, the best way to learn is through getting your hands dirty and finding projects to work on, whether they are at your job, in your classes, or just off the side of your desk."

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Sombiri Enwemeka

  • Engineering Contractor
  • B.S. in computer engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Committed change agent and advocate for those who have been underrepresented
"The MIDS program offers a rigorous curriculum that goes beyond strictly technical knowledge; it makes you question your thoughts and decision-making process. The faculty have hands-on experience in their fields, and much of the technology used in the field was even developed here at UC Berkeley."

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Noah Randolph

  • Former Mechanical Engineer at BP
  • B.S. in mechanical engineering and international affairs at Georgia Tech
  • Aspiring autonomous driving data science professional
"Last semester, when I took Applied Machine Learning concurrently with Fundamentals of Data Engineering, was awesome. The level of excitement I got from writing and then executing algorithms to learn and predict was highly unexpected. Then to combine that with writing scripts that built pipelines to take data from the web, to data lakes, to parquet tables, to data structures in Python for some machine learning, and finally to storing the results in a distributed file system...slick!"

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Matt Stevenson

  • Former Water and Sanitation Engineer in India and East Africa
  • Degrees in chemistry and African studies from Amherst; Master's in environmental engineering from MIT
  • Passion for advancing renewable energy technology and averting climate change
"The I School is what you make of it, so go get it! Get as much exposure to the various facets of data science as you can early on as you investigate the machine learning/data science universe, as this will help you broaden the breadth of your horizons while enabling you to pick a path to dig into and develop some depth in, which is important when you go out for jobs."

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