Interviews datascience@berkeley Graduate Kelsey Clubb

When astrophysicist Kelsey Clubb decided she wanted to pursue a career in data science, she decided that attending datascience@berkeley, the UC Berkeley School of Information’s online Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) degree program was the perfect place to start. In a recent interview conducted by, she discussed why she chose datascience@berkeley and what it’s like to earn a graduate degree online.

“The Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program at UC Berkeley was the only program I applied to,” said Clubb. “I definitely don’t regret my decision.”

“One big advantage of the MIDS program was that I could keep my job while I pursued my degree,” she said. “That way, if it didn’t work out for some reason, I wouldn’t have completely uprooted my current path.”

Two other aspects of the program that appealed to Clubb were its flexibility, which allowed her to attend class from wherever she had Internet access, and the opportunity to work with and learn from people around the world.

“The majority of the first cohort were from California and a few other states, but there are now more from around the country, as well as some from outside North America—including Australia,” she says. “I feel very connected to my instructors and classmates in the MIDS program.”

When asked what advice she would give someone considering a master’s program in data science, she says, “Dozens of new data science degree programs are emerging, but their curricula are somewhat different. Consider your qualifications carefully and find a reputable program that is a good match for your current skills, background, and professional aspirations.”

Clubb will graduate with the first cohort in August and recently joined the data science team at Tesla Motors as in intern in Palo Alto.

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