Alumni Profiles

Master of Information and Data Science program graduates can apply the tools and experience gained in the program to jobs in a variety of fields. See how some of our alumni have used their degree to achieve their career goals.

Erin Boehmer

Relocated to Africa and uses data to inform strategies to bring solar power to rural Uganda
“I rely heavily on the knowledge and confidence that I gained from the MIDS curriculum as I approach open-ended data science problems to inform company strategy at Fenix. As the sole data scientist in the company, I am often approached with questions that have no clear answer; my professors at UC Berkeley, however, have provided me with a strong basis in structured problem solving and critical thinking as a data scientist.”

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Kelsey Clubb

Landed her dream job at Fitbit after graduation
“Before enrolling, I had no industry experience and I was concerned that I would have a hard time getting a job as a data scientist, let alone at my dream company. The courses provided me with a solid foundation of a broad set of both technical and less technical skills, as well as final projects to showcase and discuss in interviews. Enrolling in the MIDS program was certainly one of the best decisions I've made in my life!”

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Milad Davaloo

Utilized the MIDS network when planning his next career move
“Data science problems are often viewed as purely technical challenges that can be solved with applying some fancy algorithms and the latest technology available. But I learned that it is important to pause and really consider the problem, the approach, the legal and ethical considerations, the organizational impact, and communication during the various stages of a project.”

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Nikhita Koul

Showcased her holistic understanding of data science projects when interviewing for new jobs
“While I got a good understanding of the course content from a theoretical point of view, I also got a sense of the challenges I might face … . Potential employers are looking for people who have the academic chops, but also know the pain points of implementing a solution at scale.”

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Sharon Lin

Expanded her current role to use data science to better inform decision making processes
“I've seen people utilizing data in very creative ways, in fields that one doesn't always see a lot of data applications. People in the program come from very diverse fields, and they bring a lot of knowledge and experience that are just as valuable as the program curriculum itself.”

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