datascience@berkeley Student: Elizabeth Peters

A strategy analyst at Müller Quaker Dairy in Chicago, Illinois, Elizabeth Peters knows a thing or two about yogurt. She also knows a thing or two about online learning. The datascience@berkeley student — and soon-to-be graduate — belongs to the Master of Information and Data Science program’s first-ever cohort. This May, she will travel to California to walk with her fellow classmates in the UC Berkeley School of Information’s spring commencement ceremonies. In her recent blog post for LinkedIn Pulse, “The New Online Degree,” Peters talks passionately about her connection to Berkeley and what it’s been like to earn her Master of Information and Data Science degree (aka “MIDS” she affectionately calls it) online.

“The dedication of the Berkeley staff and faculty to improve the lives of students who will only step foot on campus a handful of times is remarkable,” she says. “The support from 2U to ensure a seamless experience and provide ongoing encouragement is outstanding. The engagement of my fellow students to give feedback and [their ability to find] creative ways to be connected to each other despite being located around the country (and increasingly, the world) is incredible.”

In the post, Peters refers to a recent article in The Washington Business Journal in which 2U’s CEO and founder, Chip Paucek, discusses 2U’s mission to change online education and transform the lives of its students. “I truly believe they are well on their way to achieving their goals,” she says. “And 2U’s programs will continue to open the opportunity of incredibly high-quality education to many who would have not considered it before.”

To read her complete post, visit LinkedIn Pulse.