DataBeat 2014: Using Data to Ignite Growth

VentureBeat’s inaugural DataBeat event in December brought together speakers from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. For the May edition of this conference, VentureBeat has fine-tuned their agenda, focusing the speakers and talks around one central theme: how companies are using data to ignite growth.

The event kicked off Monday with a series of keynotes, lightning talks, “fireside” chats, and panels, all of which offered attendees a practical look at how companies use data to solve their problems and break new ground. With big name companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, DataHero and Intel in attendance, attendees were treated to a high-level look at the current state of data science across industries and given a glimpse at how the same tools and techniques might be used in the future to bring companies in line with the data-driven culture. As Derek Steer, CEO of Mode Analytics, said in one talk, “When it comes to making decisions, you have to stick to data, not your gut.” The speakers assembled at DataBeat gave the audience a glimpse of how exactly this might be achieved.

On the first day alone, topics ranged from the broader Fostering a Culture of Data Inside Any Organization (with LinkedIn and Tableau) to things as specific as Hadoop’s Role in the Data-driven Enterprise (Hortonworks). Speakers like DataHero CEO Chris Neumann explored themes of data empowerment for business users (rather than just analytics specialists), while others like Riley Newman of Airbnb shared specific use cases from which attendees could draw inspiration.

Key Takeaways:

Data empowerment:




Data sources:





Data cleanliness:




Data accessibility:




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