Data Can Lead to New Opportunities and Ethical Challenges

Access to data is changing the educational landscape. While the opportunities for learning and growth that this new data presents may seem infinite, Elizabeth Peters cautions that opportunities for positive change must be tempered by examining — and understanding — the potential ethical and privacy implications.

From Dreams to Reality: How Data Can Drive Social Change

Master of Information and Data Science student Erin Boehmer reflects on the current role of data science — and dreams of where she hopes to lead it after completing her studies. She sees numbers as the key to empowering developing nations and populations.

Berkeley Recap: Career Panel Webinar

On March 16, datascience@berkeley, the UC Berkeley School of Information’s online Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program, hosted a student panel webinar in which a panel of professionals were invited to discuss.

datascience@berkeley Students Pick Their Favorite Course

We recently sat down with four datascience@berkeley students and asked them this: “What has been your favorite class so far?”

Changing the Curve: Women in Computing [Infographic]

What do the first computer programmer, the patent holder for spread spectrum wireless communications, and the author of the first assembly language have in common? In this infographic, datascience@berkeley explores the history and influence of women in computing, looking at some big names throughout the ages and then reviewing some sobering statistics about the current state of women in technology.

Eric Berlow and Sean Gourley: Mapping Ideas Worth Spreading

We’re often connected by the ideas we share long before we ever meet. It’s something that Eric Berlow and Sean Gourley, both data scientists and TED Fellows, realized when they met and started to compare notes about similar talks they’d given. That dialogue sparked the idea to map the global conversations around connected topics.