UC Berkeley Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) Graduate Spotlight: Kelsey Clubb

In our Q&A, datascience@berkeley graduate student Kelsey Clubb and soon-to-be Tesla Motors intern discusses how the MIDS program prepared her for a future in data science and why she decided to pursue data science as a career path.

datascience@berkeley Student Erin Boehmer on Big Data

datascience@berkeley student Erin Boehmer loves data. In her recent post for women2.0, she says, “Data speaks across cultural divides and gives a voice to the individual. And, as a Master of Information and Data Science student at the UC Berkeley School of Information, I’m starting to listen.”

MIDS Immersion – May 2015

The UC Berkeley School of Information welcomed 60 students to campus for three days of conferences, networking, and hands-on data science instruction during the third Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) immersion. 

datascience@berkeley Student: Elizabeth Peters

Elizabeth Peters is a strategy analyst at Müller Quaker Dairy in Chicago, Illinois and a student at UC Berkeley. In her recent blog post for LinkedIn Pulse, “The New Online Degree,” Peters talks passionately about her connection to UC Berkeley and what it’s been like to earn her Master of Information and Data Science degree.

Data Can Lead to New Opportunities and Ethical Challenges

Access to data is changing the educational landscape. While the opportunities for learning and growth that this new data presents may seem infinite, Elizabeth Peters cautions that opportunities for positive change must be tempered by examining — and understanding — the potential ethical and privacy implications.

From Dreams to Reality: How Data Can Drive Social Change

Master of Information and Data Science student Erin Boehmer reflects on the current role of data science — and dreams of where she hopes to lead it after completing her studies. She sees numbers as the key to empowering developing nations and populations.