Cheer Smarter: Using Advanced Metrics to Analyze the Cost of Being a Sports Fan

Can one sports team be quantifiably more fun than the rest?

Year in Review: 2017 MIDS Program Report

Highlights from datascience@berkeley’s 2017 status report.

MIDS 2018 Winter Commencement

This winter datascience@berkeley commencement ceremony underlined how the program has fostered a sense of community for its online students, regardless of geography.

The Power of Data in the World of Social Justice

Nonprofits tackle arguably the world’s biggest problems. How can their perspective on data amplify their future impact?

Meet & Greet in Denver: October 2017

This past October, prospective and current MIDS students gathered for a Meet & Greet in downtown Denver, Colorado — an opportunity to make connections offline, seek advice on balancing educational and personal priorities and share expertise in the field of data science.

Data Tools Deep Dive: Machine Learning

Though the term “machine learning” has become increasingly common, many still don’t know exactly what it means and how it is applied. We will examine how machine learning is defined as a tool used by data scientists — and take a bird’s eye view of how it was developed, how it is currently being used, and what lies ahead as it continues to evolve.