Common Issues That May Accompany Suicidal Thoughts

Crisis Text Line is a free 24/7 suicide prevention service where individuals can seek help via text. Based on Crisis Text Line data, texters who have suicidal thoughts also experience the following issues when seeking help.

Common Issues That May Accompany Suicidal Thoughts
Issue Faced Percentage of Texters
Depression 41%
Family Issues 23%
Stress 20%
Self Harm 17%
Anxiety 14%
Relationships 14%
Isolation 13%
Friend Issues 10%
Physical Abuse 5%
Bullying 4%
School Problems 4%
Bereavement 3%
Health Concerns 3%
LGBTQ Issues 3%
Sexual Abuse 3%
Substance Abuse 3%
Eating Disorder 2%

"Crisis Trends." Crisis Text Line, December 2016. Web. November 2, 2017.

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