Jenna is the community relations manager for datascience@berkeley, UC Berkeley School of Information's online masters in data science. She has a background in anthropology, and worked extensively with SPSS and other relational databases for her thesis. In her free time, she enjoys reading, travel, and blogging about all things science. Follow her on Google+.

Data Digest: Week of 6/2

Recently in data: execs share data interview questions, Warby Parker shifts recommendation gears, data visualization grapples with “zero,” and human input remains crucial in data science.

Health Datapalooza: Tableau, Open Gov, and Data Viz for All

From Florence Nightingale’s martial medicine, to John Snow’s cholera map, and right on to today’s public health graphics, data visualization has long been used to get information through “word-proof ears.” Healthcare is a prime area for these techniques, too…

Anne Milgram: Why Smart Statistics Are The Key to Fighting Crime

In this TED Talk, Anne Milgram discusses her past role as New Jersey’s attorney general and her quest to use data to understand “who we were arresting, who we were charging, and who we were putting in jail.”

DataBeat 2014: Splunk Slices Data for Domino’s Pizza

“Data exhaust” is the focal point of Splunk’s business. It includes “byproduct” data from things like GPS, RFID, hypervisor, web servers, email, messaging, clickstreams, mobile, telephony, databases, and more, data that is created simply by the act of running a machine.

DataBeat 2014: Quizlet and New Relic Team Up for Business Success

When Andrew Sutherland was a sophomore looking for a way to study for his French class, he created Quizlet, an e-learning platform now used by 25 percent of all U.S. high school students.


DataBeat 2014: Using Data to Ignite Growth

For the May edition of DataBeat, VentureBeat has fine-tuned their agenda, focusing the speakers and talks around one central theme: how companies are using data to ignite growth.