Jenna is the community relations manager for datascience@berkeley, UC Berkeley School of Information's online masters in data science. She has a background in anthropology, and worked extensively with SPSS and other relational databases for her thesis. In her free time, she enjoys reading, travel, and blogging about all things science. Follow her on Google+.

From A to Z in the Internet of Things

We all know the Internet of Things — or at least we think we do. But what features go into that connectivity? What objects are involved in each network? Who are key players and what are they working on? Read on for our A to Z glossary of the Internet of Things…

Howard Rheingold: The New Power of Collaboration

Howard Rheingold’s 2005 TED Talk explores the web-based world of collaboration, participatory media, and collective action.

Behind the Scenes: The Data Analytics Handbook

Today we have an interview with Brian Liou, CEO of Leada. Liou is also the co-creator of the Data Analytics Handbook, a collection of interviews outlining the whats, whys, and hows of the data science field today.

Charles Leadbeater: The Era of Open Innovation

Charles Leadbeater has turned the traditional product development environment on its head; he says consumers are creating products based on identified needs and then perfecting them through regular and collaborative use.

Jennifer Pahlka: Coding a Better Government

Coder, data science expert, and activist Jennifer Pahlka describes her program Code for America as a Peace Corps for geeks, helping to develop applications that make the government work better.

Electronic Health Records & the Data of Health Care [Infographic]

This “Electronic Health Records & the Data of Health Care” infographic from datascience@berkeley explores the health data revolution, the difference between Electronic Medical Records and EHRs, which states and practices adopted electronic systems, and what the future of the digital health industry looks like.