MIDS Capstone Projects: 2018 Roundup


The online Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program at the UC Berkeley School of Information (I School) culminates with a synthetic capstone project. As part of the I School’s continued commitment to shape the future of data science by promoting its efforts to serve the public good, the faculty support MIDS students in their development of capstone projects that allow them to improve human life and benefit society as a whole.

Below we’ve compiled a list of 2018 capstone projects, with short descriptions of each and links to learn more:

ElectBot AI

Voters, especially millennials, do not always vote in primary and midterm elections. ElectBot AI informs potential voters on candidate stances and reminds them on the day before an election to vote ­¾ all via SMS.

Ben Attix, Krista Mar, Prajakta Pandharkar

Bringing People Togethr.io

The Togethr app helps users overcome the friction of making plans with friends and family, which maximizes the enjoyment of getting together while minimizing the effort.

Kevin Foley, Zachary Ingbretsen, Mona Iwamoto


GrocerySaver is a consumer-oriented application that gives users a customized grocery list designed to minimize food loss, while it collects food waste data. The app allows consumers to upload grocery receipts and note how much of each item they wasted. An algorithm creates new grocery lists based on past purchase patterns, and uses regression to predict how much of each item the user should buy to achieve their desired waste target.

Chuqing He, Adam Reilly, Varadarajan Srinivasan, Peter Zhou


A short and simple online tool, brainHealthDx integrates advanced data science with rigorous scientific research and uses rich data sets to assess the risk of dementia based on diverse aspects of health. The brainHealthDx tool provides high-quality, data-driven information about your brain health that is scientifically grounded and ethically mindful — that is accessible wherever, whenever.

Richard Hitchens, Amy Lai, Leslie Teo


De-crypto provides individual investors with a research tool with which to look at various data sources and present risk indicators to aid in the search for and assessment of initial coin offerings (ICOs). This helps bring more transparency to the user while cutting down the time it takes to conduct research.

Ravneet Ghuman, Saad Padela, Manish Sannat 


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