GRE/GMAT Waiver Policy

The datascience@berkeley admissions committee takes a holistic approach to evaluating applicants’ ability to succeed in the program and beyond. Applicants with extensive professional experience are more likely able to demonstrate higher levels of impact, achievements, and trajectory in their careers, as well as to provide strong examples of quantitative, problem solving, and analytical skills utilized and honed in their jobs.

A GRE/GMAT waiver may be considered for applicants whose professional work experience demonstrate a high level of quantitative aptitude and analytical skills. datascience@berkeley applicants that meet ONE of the following criteria may submit a GRE/GMAT waiver with their completed application:

  • 8 or more years of professional work experience in a related field
  • PhD degree and 5 or more years of professional work experience

If you feel, however, that GRE/GMAT scores would benefit your application, you may submit current or expired scores. Candidates who might benefit from providing scores include those with a mediocre undergraduate performance, limited quantitative experience, and/or strong previous scores.