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Here’s how you can get a Yale degree while living in Tasmania

Erin Boehmer lives in Boston, but this summer, the 24-year-old will earn a master’s in information and data science from U.C. Berkeley.

UC Berkeley graduate students develop hospital-ranking app

A group of graduate students from the UC Berkeley School of Information have developed an app to help patients find medical services catered to their specific needs.

The New Digital Battlefields

UC Berkeley’s new Data Science Masters program is offered to executives exclusively online. Yet for all of the wonders of technology, education is, at its core, an interaction between a …

UC Berkeley Breeds Data Scientists Online: $60K, 18 Months

Want a data science Master’s degree? UC Berkeley’s $60,000 online program will make a data scientist out of you in 18 months.

Smart Tips for Using Your Business Data

Steve Weber, a professor at UC Berkeley’s School of Information, says it doesn’t make that much sense for small businesses to try to turn every customer interaction into data points …

UC Berkeley School of Information’s Online Master of Information and Data Science Program Hosts Inaugural Immersion for Students

Program brings online and on-campus students and professors together for the first time for a high-impact learning experience held in conjunction with I School’s DataEDGE conference.