Faculty Spotlights

Among the faculty for the Online Master of Information and Data Science program are several post-doctoral scholars with a range of research interests. Learn more about them through our Faculty Spotlights.

Daniel Gillick

  • Earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer sciences from the University of California, Berkeley
  • Focus: Natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, speech recognition
  • Teaches: Applied Machine Learning
"Both the I School and MIDS program have some liberal arts tendencies. You get a well-rounded education, which is unusual for graduate programs. I think that serves students well in the long run for developing their careers."

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Daniel Perry

  • Earned a Ph.D. in human centered design and engineering from University of Washington
  • Research focus: The design and evaluation of games for data science learning and discovery, and research on data visualization and collaboration in science
  • Teaches "Data Visualization and Communication"
"Data science as a field continues to reinvent itself. The astonishing growth of data collected hasn't been able to solve the world's toughest challenges by sheer size alone. I'm excited to see the increased value placed on understanding the human context in which the data lives and how this shapes the types of questions we ask." 

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